What are the court fees?

Primetime: $30/hour (tax incl.) -- weekdays 9am-12pm and 5pm-9pm; weekends 8am-3pm
Non-primetime: $24/hour (tax incl.) -- weekdays 7am-9am, 12pm-5pm, and 9pm-11pm; weekends 7am-8am, 3pm-10pm

How far in advance can I book?
Everyone can book 7 days (168 hours) in advance.
What is your cancellation policy?
Players who cancel their court more than 24 hours in advance will receive a credit on their SurreyTennisCentre.com account. Any cancellation within the 24-hour window will not be refunded.
What are your lesson fees?
Private lessons range from $65/hour to $110/hour (that includes the court fee), depending on the coach. Please contact the front desk or the coach directly for more information.
For information on adult group lessons, click here. For information on junior group lessons, click here.
General Court Booking Rules
  1. Court must be claimed within 15 minutes of start time (or it may be rebooked).
  2. The Centre reserves the right to change your court if needed.
  3. All players must check in at the desk and pay all fees before proceeding to their court.
  4. Players may not go on court before their booking time.
  5. All players must vacate the court promptly when their booking ends. (Please do not ask players to wait until you finish a game). Players who remain on court after their booking ends will be charged without warning.
  6. No more than four (4) players per court at any time.
  7. Appropriate tennis attire is required. Non-marking tennis shoes must be worn.
  8. Clay court shoes may not be worn indoors.
  9. Please observe common rules of tennis etiquette.
  10. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the the Centre.
  11. Children must not be left unsupervised on the premises.
  12. No food or drink (except water in plastic containers) on the courts.
  13. Court nets may be closed for the comfort of those needing a contained court.
  14. Coaching on court by non-Centre staff is not permitted.
  15. No more than six (6) balls allowed on the court (with the exception of Centre programs or Centre-approved performance players)
Clay Court Rules
  1. All bookings remain valid unless the Centre decides to close courts due to bad weather.
  2. In the event that weather forces the closing of courts, players who have booked a clay court will get first rights on indoor courts that are not booked.
  3. If there are no indoor courts available, a Club Credit will be issued.
  4. Players are responsible for sweeping their own court after play. Sweeping must be complete by the end of their booking time.
  5. Players must wear flat-soled shoes.
  6. Players must wash shoes before entering the clubhouse.
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